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The Brinkmeyers
Hymie Brinkmeyer has a few blind spots...especially when it comes to his unconventional family and his beautiful secretary. A frighteningly funny story that may remind you of your own family...which is the most frightening part of all!

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Billy Christ
Everything is fine in Billy's world...until the girl arrives and changes everything. Now life won’t be easy for young Billy, but then, if you’re the new messiah – no one said it would be.

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How to Twitter for
Business Success
Everything business owners need to know about Twitter -

Learn what you need to know and watch your business grow.

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The Gar Diaries
Lucas Jeanfreaux has no illusion about his troubled life along the bayous of Louisiana. He attempts to understand the beauty and horror of his world and does so with an extraordinary display of honesty that is so strong that it can only lead to redemption.

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